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  We are a nonprofit youth organization teaching young women and men ages 10 to 14 what military life would be like without having the commitment of joining the military.  They are taught three basic values of honor, courage and commitment.  Once the young Cadet learns and follows these values, respect will come. Respect of oneself and respect of others.

Occasionally, we have guest speaker talk to the Cadets.  We have had a former Marine officer, a retired Navy enlisted, a retired Admiral and a Plebe.  The pictured below is with the Plebe.  A Plebe is a first year Naval Academy student.  If you are former military person or you have worked in or are currently working in an area that might be helpful to the Cadets such as nutrition, physical fitness, safety, medical, etc., click here to be brought to the contact page.

Starting October 2012 we will meet on the first full weekend of each month.  During the summer months we march in different parades, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Flag Day, etc.  We also like to have fun by camping out, going fishing, swimming, etc.Click here to be brought to the photos page.



Updated: 9/10/2017

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